Operational Staff

PMI-SFBAC Operational Organization Chart
Function Role Name Email
Office of CEO CEO Phil Landry ceo@pmisfbac.org
COO Shivani Dalal coo@pmisfbac.org
Finance CFO Zenaida Alejandrino cfo@pmisfbac.org
Accounting Manager Melissa Tong finanalyst@pmisfbac.org
Financial Analyst Laura Narat laura.narat@gmail.com
Financial Analyst Magdalena Bryzek bryzek.magdalena@gmail.com
Evening Programs Director Evening Program Management Jingyi Wang direveningprograms@pmisfbac.org
Evening Program Product Manager Margaret Wang margaret.wang@wellsfargo.com
Evening Program Product Manager Open  
Evening Program Product Manager Open  
Evening Program Product Manager Open  
Event Planning Management (EPM) VP, Event Planning Management Carlos Castro events@pmsfbac.org
Volunteer Data Program Manager Kshitij Gupta kgupta2305@gmail.com
Director EPM Evening Events Josie Hoffman events@pmisfbac.org
Event Project Manager Lola Berg-Anakmu newsletter@pmisfbac.org
Event Project Manager Priyanka Holmes priyanka.holmes@gmail.com
Event Project Manager Edie Thornton ediethornton@gmail.com
Event Project Manager Luiza Henry luizahenry@yahoo.com
Vendor Management Vendor Director Seth Danquah sdanquah@danquahgroup.com
PDU Manager Agi Batchuluun agibatchuluun@gmail.com
Professional Development VP – Professional Development Raymond Chang vpprofdev@pmisfbac.org
Director of Webinars Saira Hassan webinars@pmi-sfbac.org
Director of PMP Certification Sandy Mitchell dirpmpcertification@pmisfbac.org
PMP Instructors Ed Curran  
PMP Instructors Fabio De Martino  
PMP Instructors Jay Ashford  
PMP Instructors Marie Spark  
PMP Instructors Paul Schinke  
PMP Instructors open  
PMP Instructors open  
PMP Instructors open  
PMP Instructors open  
Director of MS Project Workshops Josie Hoffman workshops@pmisfbac.org
Director of Roundtables Sonali Garg roundtables@pmi-sfbac.org
Roundtable Hosts Marie Spark (SanFrancisco) mspark@ggu.edu
Roundtable Hosts Joycelyn Calvin White (Oakland) joycelyn.calvin-white@kp.org
Roundtable Hosts Heather Dillon (Oakland) heather.x.dillon@kp.org
Roundtable Hosts Ainsley Nies (Belmont) anies@sbcglobal.net
Roundtable Hosts Ed Mitchell (Dublin) pmi.dublin@sbcglobal.net
Operations Meetings Open  
Information Technology VP – IT Larry Van Cantfort vpit@pmisfbac.org
Employment Opportunities Manager Khaled Turkmani khaledtur@gmail.com
Director – IT Pei-yu Chen dirit@pmisfbac.org
Help Desk Administrator open  
Director of Marketing & Communications Nancy Chin marketingdirector@pmisfbac.com
Marketing Analytics Mariangeles Chinelatto mariangeles.chinelatto@gmail.com
Marketing Manager open  
Marketing Manager Vanessa Tisdale vanessatisdale0418@gmail.com
Marketing Manager open  
Editor-in-Chief open  
Newsletter Team Lola Berg-Akanmu newsletter@pmisfbac.org
Newsletter Team Gustavo Espinoza gustavoespinoza7@gmail.com
Newsletter Team Susan Flynn susanmichelleflynn@gmail.com
Business Development Director – Business Development Danijela Lazarevic dirbusdev@pmi-sfbac.org 
VP of Partnership Programs Jeff Foley jfoley@propellerpdx.com
Director, Green Initiatives Ina Acuna ina_acuna@yahoo.com
Director of Sister Chapter Program Muzaffar Zaffar zaffar801@gmail.com
Academic Outreach Director Nathan/Dina  
Military Outreach Director Sean Williams dirmilout@pmisfbac.org
President – Scopemasters Neal Trotter officers-2188234@toastmastersclubs.org
PMIEF Team Andrew Hopkins amyrtle@msn.com
Volunteer & Membership Management VP, Volunteer & Membership Management Vijay Ratthinam vpvolunteermgmt@pmisfbac.org
Director, Membership Management Nidhi Gupta nidhig@yahoo.com
Director, Volunteer Engagement Marie-Christin mariechristin.anthony@gmail.com
Director, Talent Acquisition, Volunteer & Membership Management Open  
Recruitment Manager, Volunteer & Membership Management Jogita Lola  
Recruitment Manager, Volunteer & Membership Management Julie Truong  
Project Manager, Membership Management John Mohandoss john.mohandoss@gmail.com
Project Manager, Membership Management Open  
Project Manager, Volunteer Engagement Open  
Project Manager, Volunteer Engagement Open  
Project Manager, Reporting & Communications, Volunteer Management & Membership Open