Operational Staff

PMI-SFBAC Operational Organization Chart
Function Role Name Email
Office of CEO CEO Nathan Mellin ceo@pmisfbac.org
COO Phil Landry coo@pmisfbac.org
Finance CFO Zenaida Alejandrino cfo@pmisfbac.org
Accounting Manager Melissa Tong finanalyst@pmisfbac.org
Financial Analyst Laura Narat laura.narat@gmail.com
Financial Analyst Magdalena Bryzek bryzek.magdalena@gmail.com
Evening Programs Director Evening Program Management Jingyi Wang direveningprograms@pmisfbac.org
Evening Program Product Manager Margaret Wang margaret.wang@wellsfargo.com
Evening Program Product Manager Open  
Evening Program Product Manager Open  
Evening Program Product Manager Open  
Event Planning Management (EPM) VP, Event Planning Management Carlos Castro events@pmsfbac.org
Volunteer Data Program Manager Kshitij Gupta kgupta2305@gmail.com
Director EPM Evening Events Josie Hoffman events@pmisfbac.org
Event Project Manager Lola Berg-Anakmu newsletter@pmisfbac.org
Event Project Manager Priyanka Holmes priyanka.holmes@gmail.com
Event Project Manager Edie Thornton ediethornton@gmail.com
Event Project Manager Luiza Henry luizahenry@yahoo.com
Vendor Management Vendor Director Seth Danquah sdanquah@danquahgroup.com
PDU Manager Agi Batchuluun agibatchuluun@gmail.com
Professional Development VP – Professional Development Raymond Chang vpprofdev@pmisfbac.org
Director of Webinars Saira Hassan webinars@pmi-sfbac.org
Director of PMP Certification Sandy Mitchell dirpmpcertification@pmisfbac.org
PMP Instructors Ed Curran  
PMP Instructors Fabio De Martino  
PMP Instructors Jay Ashford  
PMP Instructors Marie Spark mspark@ggu.edu
PMP Instructors Paul Schinke  
PMP Instructors open  
PMP Instructors open  
PMP Instructors open  
PMP Instructors open  
Director of MS Project Workshops Josie Hoffman workshops@pmisfbac.org
Director of Roundtables Sonali Garg roundtables@pmi-sfbac.org
Roundtable Hosts Marie Spark (SanFrancisco) mspark@ggu.edu
Roundtable Hosts Joycelyn Calvin White (Oakland) joycelyn.calvin-white@kp.org
Roundtable Hosts Heather Dillon (Oakland) heather.x.dillon@kp.org
Roundtable Hosts Ainsley Nies (Belmont) anies@sbcglobal.net
Roundtable Hosts Ed Mitchell (Dublin) pmi.dublin@sbcglobal.net
Operations Meetings Open  
Information Technology VP – IT Larry Van Cantfort vpit@pmisfbac.org
Employment Opportunities Manager Khaled Turkmani khaledtur@gmail.com
Director – IT Pei-yu Chen dirit@pmisfbac.org
Help Desk Administrator open  
Director of Marketing & Communications Dhruti Joshi dirmarcom@pmisfbac.com
Marketing Analytics Mariangeles Chinelatto mariangeles.chinelatto@gmail.com
Marketing Manager open  
Marketing Manager Vanessa Tisdale vanessatisdale0418@gmail.com
Marketing Manager Nancy Chin marketingdirector@pmisfbac.org
Editor-in-Chief open  
Newsletter Team Lola Berg-Akanmu newsletter@pmisfbac.org
Newsletter Team Gustavo Espinoza gustavoespinoza7@gmail.com
Newsletter Team Susan Flynn susanmichelleflynn@gmail.com
Business Development Director – Business Development Danijela Lazarevic dirbusdev@pmi-sfbac.org 
VP of Partnership Programs Jeff Foley jfoley@propellerpdx.com
Director, Green Initiatives Ina Acuna ina_acuna@yahoo.com
Director of Sister Chapter Program Muzaffar Zaffar zaffar801@gmail.com
Academic Outreach Director Nathan/Dina  
Military Outreach Director Sean Williams dirmilout@pmisfbac.org
President – Scopemasters Neal Trotter officers-2188234@toastmastersclubs.org
PMIEF Team Andrew Hopkins amyrtle@msn.com
Volunteer & Membership Management VP, Volunteer & Membership Management Vijay Ratthinam vpvolunteermgmt@pmisfbac.org
Director, Membership Management Nidhi Gupta nidhig@yahoo.com
Director, Volunteer Engagement Marie-Christin mariechristin.anthony@gmail.com
Director, Talent Acquisition, Volunteer & Membership Management Open  
Recruitment Manager, Volunteer & Membership Management Jogita Lola  
Recruitment Manager, Volunteer & Membership Management Julie Truong  
Project Manager, Membership Management John Mohandoss john.mohandoss@gmail.com
Project Manager, Membership Management Open  
Project Manager, Volunteer Engagement Open  
Project Manager, Volunteer Engagement Open  
Project Manager, Reporting & Communications, Volunteer Management & Membership Open