All Positions

Position Volunteer Name or OPEN
CEO Nathan Mellin
CFO Zenaida Alejandrino
Accounting Manager Melissa Tong
Financial Analyst Laura Narat
Financial Analyst Magdalena Bryzek
COO Shivani Dalal
VP – IT Larry Van Cantfort
Employment Opportunities Manager Khaled Turkmani
Director – IT Pei-yu Chen
Help Desk Administrator OPEN
PMO Director/Metrics OPEN
Director Evening Program Management Hoo Tachakorn
Evening Program Product Manager Michael Sumaquial
Evening Program Product Manager OPEN
Evening Program Product Manager OPEN
Evening Program Product Manager OPEN
VP, Event Planning Management Carlos Castro
Volunteer Data Program Manager Kshitij Gupta
Director EPM Evening Events Josie Hoffman
Event Project Manager Lola Berg-Anakmu
Event Project Manager Priyanka Holmes
Event Project Manager Edie Thornton
Event Project Manager Luiza Henry
Vendor Director Seth Danquah
VP – Professional Development Raymond Chang
Director of Webinars Saira Hassan
Director of PMP Certification Sandy Mitchell
PDU Manager Agi Batchuluun
PMP Instructors Ed Curran
PMP Instructors Fabio De Martino
PMP Instructors Jay Ashford
PMP Instructors Marie Spark
PMP Instructors Paul Schinke
PMP Instructors OPEN
Director of MS Project Workshops Josie Hoffman
Director of Roundtables Sonali Garg
Roundtable Hosts Marie Spark (SanFrancisco)
Roundtable Hosts Joycelyn Calvin White (Oakland)
Roundtable Hosts Heather Dillon (Oakland)
Roundtable Hosts Ainsley Nies (Belmont)
Roundtable Hosts Ed Mitchell (Dublin)
Director of Marketing & Communications Anamaria Jiva
Marketing Analytics Jean Lombard
Marketing Manager OPEN
Marketing Manager OPEN
Editor-in-Chief OPEN
Newsletter Team Lola Berg-Akanmu
Newsletter Team Michael McMorrow
Newsletter Team OPEN
Director – Business Development OPEN
Sponsorship Director Jeff Foley
Corporate Outreach Director Vijay Kumar
Director of Sister Chapter Program OPEN
Academic Outreach Director Dina Tasiou
Military Outreach Director Sean Williams
President – Scopemasters Savith Setlur
VP, Volunteer & Membership Management Vijay Ratthinam
Director, Membership Management OPEN
Director, Volunteer Engagement Marie-Christin
Director, Talent Acquisition, Volunteer & Membership Management OPEN
Recruitment Manager, Volunteer & Membership Management  
Recruitment Manager, Volunteer & Membership Management  
Project Manager, Membership Management John Mohandoss
Project Manager, Membership Management OPEN
Project Manager, Volunteer Engagement OPEN
Project Manager, Volunteer Engagement OPEN
Project Manager, Reporting & Communications, Volunteer Management & Membership OPEN
Board President Tyrone Navarro
Board Treasurer Don McClure
Board Secretary Dina Tasiou
Board CGO Tyrone Navarro
Board Director at Large Malika Malika
Board Director at Large Frank Murphy
Board Director at Large Lance Griffin
Board Director at Large Anup Deshpande



The CEO serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the chapter and is responsible for all Operations as well as offering overall leadership to the chapter and shall perform such duties as are customary, including making all required appointments with the approval of the Board. The CEO is appointed by the Board.


The CFO serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the chapter for all Operations.

Board president

Along with the responsibilities outlined in the chapter bylaws, the President:

a. Serves as the chief executive officer for the chapter and is responsible for chairing the chapter’s Board of Directors

b. Serves as a member of the Executive Committee

c. Serves as chair of the monthly Board of Director meetings

d. Serves as master of ceremonies for the chapter monthly dinner meetings

e. Appoints Nominating Committee members

f. Appoints members to vacant Board positions, subject to the Board's approval

g. Appoints committees and committee chairpersons, subject to the Board's approval

h. Attends Regional and Global PMI Leadership meetings


a. Fills in for the President when s/he can not fulfill his/her duties

b. Serves as a member of the Executive Committee

c. Facilitates the Annual Business Meeting

d. Plans and runs Strategic Planning Meeting

e. Acts as liaison to the chapter branches

f. Ensures integration amongst all Vice President areas

g. Chairs the Nominating Committee, responsible for preparing a slate of officers for the succeeding year, as assigned by the President


a. Assists the President in liaison activities with PMI

b. Oversees preparation and execution of any special projects, seminars, or meetings as assigned by the President

c. Executes special assignments as required

d. Prepares submissions for PMI® Awards


a. Serves as a member of the Executive Committee

b. Oversees the preparation and submittal of the Chapter Annual Charter Renewal

c. Records, maintains and distributes Board meeting minutes

d. Oversees documentation of, and approval process for chapter governance documents

e. Develops and maintains the repository for all chapter governance documents, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, original signed Charter Agreement, tax records, insurance policies, renewal surveys, business meeting minutes, financial records (audited reports and financial reports), and logo approval certificate

f. Provides Board members’ contact information to PMI GOC, Regional Mentor, and other PMI chapters as necessary

g. Provides PMI GOC with a list of Board members who require access to the Data Exchange Program

Board treasurer

a. Serves as a member of the Executive Committee

b. Accounts for the accuracy of board documents, such as the financial books of the chapter; fiscal and financial investment policies of the chapter

c. Serves as the standing chair of any finance committee of the PMISFBAC Board of Directors

d. Prepares monthly financial reports including actual income and expenses, budgets and variance from budgets

e. Approves Board expense reports

f. Works with CFO to reconciles bank accounts

g. Prepares and maintains financial records of all chapter monies received from dues, dinner meeting payments, etc., and pays all bills. Promptly deposits all funds received.

h. Develops an annual operating budget for the fiscal year, for approval by the Board of Directors

i. Responsible to prepare all tax and financial reports for the chapter as required by PMI, local, state and federal governments

j. Files Form 990 each year to IRS k. Coordinates independent financial audit with President and appointed auditor

l. Establishes and monitors chapter compliance with IRS tax code and “Tax Exempt Certificate” use