Mentorship Program

The pilot program is not accepting anymore applications at this time, however please go ahead and sign up for the official roll out with a tentative start date of June 2019!

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The PMI San Francisco Bay Area Program works closely with industry leaders in project management throughout the Bay Area to bring an experience that enables and empowers local project managers an opportunity to advance their knowledge and careers.  PMI-SFBAC’s mission is to bring collaboration and education so that the project management community at large can achieve excellence.

The mentorship program serves project managers who are looking to participate as either a mentor to other project managers (or aspiring project managers) or as a mentee where they can receive guidance and coaching on a range of topics that include career advice and best practices in project management in multiple industries.

PMI SF Bay Area Chapter sponsors this mentoring program with no additional cost to our members as a mentee or mentor. However mentees must maintain their PMI-SFBAC membership throughout the duration of the program. Mentors will be sourced from within the chapter or outside in order to maximize the number of mentorship relationships as possible.

Only one mentor will be matched to one mentee at a time so that we are not stretching our volunteers thin. This will also allow our mentees to get as much time and attention as they may need from the relationship. The mentor/mentee will need to be available to spend between 2-6 hours per month over a six month period of time to work together. This program is designed to be beneficial to the mentor and the mentee, but it will only be as effective as the effort put forth by BOTH parties. Please be sure that you can commit to this level of interaction and time before volunteering to participate.

Please read the following guidelines/principles regarding participation in the mentoring program.

  1. Once every quarter, mentors and mentees will have a chance to be paired up according to the criteria they requested for a duration of 6 months (with option to extend as the pair deems necessary). Both will agree to actively participate in the program for the full duration of their engagement.
  2. Mentor and Mentee agree to be available, responsive to each other’s needs, and willing to adjust schedules as necessary in order to establish contact for a minimum of two contact hours each month. It is recommended that the minimum contact hours be spread across and composed of (at least) two separate and distinct sessions each month. It is also recommended that the maximum monthly commitment be set at six hours.
  3. Information shared between the participants within the context of the formal mentoring relationship is considered to be confidential and is not to be shared outside the relationship without expressed permission from the other participant(s).
  4. An individual pairing of Mentor and Mentee may prove to be unworkable or unsatisfactory to either/both participants. In this case the Mentorship Program Committee will conduct a reassignment as quickly as possible, with no fault assigned to either party.
  5. A Mentor’s role is limited to the furnishing of opinions, examples, guidance, advice, and suggestions. Mentees are to take all information provided by a mentor under advisement in making personal, professional, and career decisions.
  6. It is the responsibility of the Mentor to ensure that all opinions, examples, guidance, advice, and suggestions provided as part of the formal mentoring relationship, are accurate to the best of their knowledge and do not recommend or suggest course(s) of actions for the Mentee that could be construed as illegal, unethical or immoral.
  7. Participants accept responsibility for any costs incurred as part of the formal relationship.
  8. The PMI-SFBAC provides this mentoring service to its members with the understanding that using the service provides no guarantees regarding the Mentee’s career. Outcomes are the responsibility of the Mentee and not the Mentor or PMI-SFBAC.
  9.  Mentors are volunteers and are not experts or paid consultants. Mentors give only advice and/or information based on their knowledge, experience, perspective, etc. Mentors do not make decisions for Mentees.

Program Highlights


What It Is

What It Isn't


Two people collaborating around the mentee’s (person being mentored):

  • Career goals


  • Professional development goals


  • PM "challenges" at work


Contributing to individual growth

A networking opportunity

Not a way to prepare for your PMP exam

Not counselling (i.e family, work performance, personal conflicts)

Not tutoring / teaching

Not a way to get a job reference

Not counseling in getting a new job

Not a constant "gripe" session

Not a "quick fix"

Potential Benefits

For Mentee

For Mentors


Faster career growth

Faster growth in PM profession

Success with immediate PM "challenges"

Network with more experienced PMs

If a PMP, you earn PDUs

  • Earn 5 training credit hours toward PMP


A way to "give back"

Sharpen one's Mentoring skills

Strengthen Leadership and Coaching skills

If a PMP, you earn PDUs

  • Earn 5 training credit hours toward PMP





Any current PMI-SFBAC member in good standing

Willingness to "collaborate" in the process and commit a minimum of 2 contacts hours a month

Any current PMI-SFBAC member in good standing

Senior PM – minimum 5 years PM experience

Prior 1-1 mentoring experience (desirable, but not required)

Willing to share ideas, concepts, and knowledge approximately 2 – 6 hours a month



Critical Success Factors



Content / issues appropriate for dialogues

Topics suitable for projects

Respectful frankness, not "brutal" honesty

Fill out and submit a monthly record (mentorship log) of your meetings

Mentor's knowledge and one on one skills

Mentee’s motivation and readiness

Mutual commitments to:

  • Maintain scheduled sessions


  • Select relevant topics


  • Pursue meaningful activities



When & How Long

Commitment Needed


Meet / connect once a month (minimum)

Or twice a month (recommended)

Meet for six (6) months or longer as deemed fit

Time: Minimum 2 contact hours per month for a total of 12 contact hours to complete program over 6 month period

Effort: consistent commitment to process

Mentoring Activities




Clarify career goals and paths

Review requirements, proficiencies, credentials

Discuss selected readings, research

Professional development projects

Recommended workshops, seminars

Analyze interpersonal & group dynamics

Assess ideas & beliefs

Critique of career/professional progress

Reflections on personal values, job satisfaction, and career choices

Feedback about current competencies