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February Volunteer Spotlight: Omodesola Afolabi



1. Tell us about yourself and what you do.

I am Omodesola Afolabi, a Nigerian national furthering my education at Hult International Business School with a Master's in Business Analytics after completing my MBA in 2023. My career spans various roles, including Managing Director at AVIDOR SERVICES LIMITED, Visual Effects Coordinator at MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY Dubai, and creative work at Wired Digital Marketing. I merge creativity with analytical prowess, impacting the realms of graphic design, digital marketing, and project management.


2. How did you transition from Interactive Animation and graphic design to Business Analyst?


My transition was a synergistic evolution rather than a conventional career change. My foundational experience in managing a family business in Nigeria laid the groundwork for this seamless integration. Beyond my professional life, I am a family man and an artist at heart, enjoying painting and digital artwork, which translates into my approach to business analytics.


3. How did you hear about the PMI SFBAC and what made you decide to volunteer?

My engagement with PMI SFBAC began when I learned about it at Hult International Business School. My decision to volunteer was solidified after participating in and earning recognition at the LETS' JAM CHALLENGE, coupled with encouragement from my wife and PMI representatives.


4. What is your proudest accomplishment in your volunteer role?

Joining the NGL team and being recognized as a Business Analyst and Digital Marketing Designer stands out. This role is the culmination of successfully merging my diverse skill set, reflecting my journey of blending creativity with data analytics to drive innovation in project management.


5. Outside of volunteering, what are a few of your hobbies?

Beyond my professional commitments, I have a diverse array of hobbies including playing the guitar, ice skating, staying fit, editing videos, watching anime, and documentaries. These activities not only provide me with creative outlets but also keep me balanced and inspired.


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