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July 2021 | Volunteer Spotlight:Jyoti Pitre


From working on large-scale construction projects - building power plants to water treatment plants to working in the IT industry for the last 9 plus years, I have done it all. I am a strong program management leader who is passionate about bringing teams together to align on common goals and objectives and loves working with people to promote positive, collaborative, empowering environments.


Who is Jyoti at home and/or outside of professional space? What do you do for fun?

Outside of the professional space, I love to go hiking, discovering new people and places, and spending time with my family exploring new cuisines – yes we are all big-time foodies!


When did you start volunteering with the chapter, and most importantly, why did you join PMI-SFBAC?

I started in July 2021 as the Director of Marketing. I took this as a challenge and an opportunity to learn as I had never done marketing before. Within a few days, I was introduced to the amazing volunteer community at PMI-SFBAC and was impressed by their dedication and selflessness for the chapter.


What were your first impressions of the chapter and its volunteers?

Being a completely voluntary role, I am really impressed by the dedication of volunteers and the energy and enthusiasm they exhibit.


What is your secret or super Project Management power? Why?

I love working with people and that I believe is a must-have power for Project Management because Project Management is all about building the right relationships and getting things done.


What are your personal or professional goals for 2021 and how are you doing right now on those goals?

On a personal level, my goals were to join PMI and also join a mentorship program to help young women reach their education and career goals and I have been able to do both. At a professional level, I have taken the next big step in my career and will be joining a new company where I will be able to contribute to the growth of the PMO organization.


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