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March 2020 | The Ends Are Just the Beginning

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Across the Board: The Ends Are Just the Beginning



As project managers, we strive each day to ensure that the initiatives we champion are run effectively and that we are constantly delivering value to our stakeholders and sponsors. At the core of our profession is the premise that we maintain alignment with the business goals of our organizations, and adjust direction as necessary to ensure projects under our purview stay on course to meet business objectives.

At PMI-SFBAC, our goal is the same - we want to make sure the organization delivers values to our key stakeholders, which is you, our membership. To accomplish this, the Board of Directors works closely with the CEO to ensure that the voice of members is heard and that their interests and concerns are reflected in the activities, offerings, and events that PMISFBAC offers. We do this by working with members to define the Ends. Ends are statements about the purpose of an organization and why it exists. Unlike a mission statement, they do not explain what the organization does, or how it does things.

To ensure that our understanding of member interests and concerns is accurately measured and relevant, we revisit our Ends and recalibrate them every three years at the Ends Retreat. At this meeting, PMI-SFBAC actively solicits feedback from members in a group setting. The Board then takes this feedback and synthesizes it into a list of purpose statements for PMI-SFBAC. We then work with the CEO to review these Ends to make sure they are clear and understood. The CEO then takes these Ends and interprets them with his team to formulate business plans and objectives that will be measurable. This is how we can quantify the value the organization delivers. The Board does not specify the methodology in how to deliver the Ends, but rather the strategic purpose that the business needs to fulfill.

We are pleased to announce that the PMI-SFBAC has just finished defining the Ends and we are excited to share them with you. They are as follows:

Our goal as the PMI-SFBAC is to ensure that the organization is consistently delivering value to membership, and that PMI-SFBAC members - people who live and work in Northern California - and virtual beneficiaries experience a continually improving standard of living, stability, and sense of community. These Ends will be achieved in a sustainable manner that represents value for the resources invested.

1. Continually improving standard of living

  • PMI-SFBAC members have access to career opportunities in project management.

  • PMI-SFBAC members have marketable project management skills for Bay Area organizations.


2. Stability

  • PMI-SFBAC members are resilient and can adapt to change.

  • PMI-SFBAC will provide a sense of belonging for the project management community.

  • PMI-SFBAC will provide the project management community with reliable and relevant knowledge applicable to the Bay Area.


3. Community

  • Our beneficiaries enjoy networking experiences.
  • PMI-SFBAC members will serve the community using their relevant project management skills.
  • The project management community will recognize PMISFBAC as an accepted symbol for the project economy.
  • PMI-SFBAC members enjoy a strong bond of culture and diversity.

We are eager to see how the CEO and his team interpret these Ends into actionable business plans and look forward to the year ahead!

If you would like to see the process up close and personal, please join us in person at any regularly scheduled Board meeting to get updates on Board activities or to get involved with upcoming projects. Board meetings are held the third Saturday of each month from 10:00 am-1:00 pm at Golden Gate University. For specific information or questions of the Board, email president@pmisfbac.org.


Best regards,

Stephanie Salazar

Deputy Chief Governance Officer, PMI-SFBAC Board of Directors


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2019 President's ACE Award Winners Announced



Dear Readers,

Our PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter has been privileged to have an amazing set of volunteers that maintain our chapter status as one of the most active chapters in the world since the last few years. We host 200+ events annually and all of them together make our chapter stronger to provide the right growth opportunities to all of our member-owners.

This year, we, as a Board of 2019-2020, conceptualized a new prestigious annual award known as "President's ACE Award". This award will be bestowed only on one Operations team annually that depicts extraordinary ACE (A=Accountability, C=Commitment, and E=Excellence) towards making a better chapter for the future.

With that said, the Mentorship team stands out as truly exceptional for 2019. The chapter had never tried this venture before - at least, at this scale. Chapter leaders came up with the initial idea. Special thanks to Board members like Batchimeg Shagdarguntev, Tyrone Navarro, Nathan Mellin, and Operations leaders like Vijay Ratthinam and Tim Graham who conceptualized this program. Prabhu Goplan was a natural choice to chair this initiative as he had an urge to make a dent in this area.

Prabhu gathered a self-motivated team of exceptional individuals. The team came up with a straw-man proposal, vetted it within operations, did a Show & Tell with the Board and rolled out a manual version of a Mentorship program in early 2019. After the first round, they incorporated all the feedback and with an additional rigor, launched a scaled version of the Mentorship Program using a Mentor-Mentee matching tool "Everwise". I am proud to note that in 2019, we built over 100 Mentor-Mentee pairs and most are still reaping the benefits of this great relationship. The Mentorship team went above and beyond on this great new initiative, executed on it flawlessly and showed us a new approach to be successful with member growth in mind.

On behalf of the Board, I would like to express my appreciation for all the efforts of our Mentorship team. As Board president, I congratulate the Mentorship Team for this endeavor and grant them as the first winners of a President's ACE award for 2019.

Please join me in congratulating each of the following team members!


From the left: Prabhu Gopalan, VP of Mentorship Program; Dhruti Joshi, Director of Mentorship PMO; David Bakhtnia, Director of Mentor Relationships; Sarah Hajipour, Director of Mentorship Marketing; Marc De Luca, Director of Mentorship Operations.

Anup Deshpande is President of the PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter 2019-2020. He can be reached at president@pmisfbac.org.


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Recognize This!



Every month, the PMI-SFBAC chapter recognizes volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their contributions to the chapter with the STAR award. Introducing this past month's STAR winners...


Paolo Cassinari, for completing our volunteer information database.


Ina Acuña, for leading our chapter's sustainability events and highlighting our efforts in the latest edition of PM Insights.

All STAR award winners will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Thank you for your nominations and please keep them coming!


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It's the PMI-SFBAC Monthly Word Game!



Going forward in 2020, we are featuring a monthly word game that relates to project management. The first 3 who correctly respond qualify for a small prize! Send your responses to newslettereditor@pmisfbac.org.

Congratulations to last month's winner, Marissa Smithwick!

This month, identify 8 terms that are found in the Word Search below. All are project management terms that can be found in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).




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The 5-Question Volunteer Spotlight



Bruno Vannuccini Fernandes currently serves as an Email Marketing Manager at the PMI San Francisco Bay Area chapter. As Email Marketing Manager, Bruno is responsible for managing the schedule for all events that the PMI-SFBAC hosts and leads. He ensures that all of the information for events on the chapter website is accurate and up to date. He is also active in developing the chapter’s marketing strategy so that communications are more tailored to each member’s interest.

Let’s learn more about Bruno!


1. What made you want to join PMI?

“I was a PMI member in Brazil where I benefited from membership, and wanted to try that here in the SF Bay Area. I also wanted to contribute to the chapter with my knowledge and experience, and also have the opportunity to learn different tools and gain PM knowledge in a different environment. And also networking opportunities - getting more involved with the community as a whole."

2. How long have you been involved with the PMI and this chapter? Describe your first event with us.

“In Brazil I was a member for 3 years. Here in the SF Bay Area I’ve been a member since August 2019. My first event was AGM at the SF Exploratorium. I was invited by the Marketing Manager at the time (Lorena) to join and also volunteer as a photographer because I wanted to make connections and get involved with PMI. I was shocked at first because I didn’t know anyone but I didn’t think twice and accepted the challenge. In the end, I met lots of people and had a great experience with the chapter and leaders, other volunteers, and members so it was a very good, interesting experience for me."

3. What is your PM superpower?

“I would say my superpower is in building relationships. I’m not afraid of talking to anyone, even if they are at different levels like C-suite, in order to learn their needs and demands and translating that into a deliverable or outcome. No matter if it’s an analyst or the CEO, I can build the relationship, understand the challenge, and translate that into project activities.”

4. Outside of PMI and project management, what is something you are passionate about?

“I’m really interested and passionate about a few things: wine, art history, and diving! My undergrad was in History with a specialization in Art History so I often enjoy going to museums and art galleries. And I have gone diving in different places like Brazil and Turks & Caicos.”

5. How was your last vacation?

“During my last vacation I came to San Francisco and spent 45 days here with good friends. We spent the entire time hiking, going to museums, taking road trips to local destinations like Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Half Moon Bay; enjoying jazz concerts and other music festivals. In this way travel is also a passion that I have. And it’s also a reason why I fell in love with this area.”


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Calendar of Events




March 11

March 2020 - Military Roundtable [VIRTUAL]

March 13

Friday the 13th

March 17

Saint Patrick's Day

March 20

International Earth Day

March 24

San Francisco Roundtable [VIRTUAL]

San Francisco Job Search Roundtable [VIRTUAL]

March 28

PMI-SFBAC Mentorship Program Kick-off


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