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Our chapter remains a strong representation of Agile through these trying times.  As the leading educational non-profit here in the Bay Area for Project Management, our volunteers are continuing to manage our day-to-day operations.


We want to highlight a team that links our chapter and the business community – Partnerships.  


As you know, our chapters’ mission is to be recognized as the Project Management resource in the Bay Area.  In line with this mission, the Partnership team works on a day-to-day basis forming new partnerships with businesses and maintain existing partnerships throughout the Bay Area.  These are the connections that support our chapter with financing, technical expertise, and physical resources when needed.  Our Partnerships team is vital to our connection with the business community.  This team also forms partnerships integral to the current and future success of our members’ Professional Development.

We can group our PartnershipsTeam into two areas:
1) New Partnerships, where we develop new relationships with businesses and organizations new to the San Francisco chapter of PMI.
2) Existing Partners, as a chapter, continuing relationships with the business community remains an integral connection for our members. Therefore, it is important to have the right team leading our communication with the community.  

As you can imagine, with an Agile, focused chapter of our size and scope, the Partnerships Team handles the business partnerships integral to our teams.  Therefore, they are continuously searching for professionals willing to help with community engagement and team support for existing partners.  If you are interested in jumping in at the start of a new project, let us know.  These projects will offer great opportunities for networking within the chapter and with outside members and organizations.

If you’re interested in joining the Partnerships Team, contact the Volunteer Manager in Volunteer Management, Brian Varkevisser, stating where you would like to fit in.


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