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PMI Global Summit 2023: Transforming Project Management in the AI Era



As a dedicated Project Management Institute (PMI) SF Bay Area Chapter member, I was thrilled to attend the PMI Global Summit 2023, held in Atlanta, Georgia, from October 25-28. This event brought together project management changemakers, leaders, and professionals committed to making ideas a reality. It was an enlightening and inspiring experience, and I'd like to share some of the highlights and insights from the event.


During the opening session, our esteemed PMI CEO, Pierre Le Manh, made a groundbreaking announcement about the acquisition of PMO Global Alliance (PMOGA), a well-known organization in the world of Project Management Offices (PMOs). PMOGA has a strong reputation for its community-driven approach, and this partnership promises to meet the needs of PMO leaders worldwide further.


Over four days, the summit offered an abundance of learning opportunities. Attendees had access to various keynote and presentation sessions, the lively conference area, and the exhibit hall.


Here are some of the standout highlights from the event:

blog-post-photo-3.jpeg PM Generative AI Solutions – Pioneering the Future: The topic of AI in project management was on the forefront of everyone's minds. Numerous sessions delved into the disruptive potential of Generative AI solutions. These technologies are reshaping project management by automating processes, generating project plans, and even predicting potential delays and issues. It's a fascinating evolution in our field.
Blog-post-photo-3.jpeg Change Enthusiasts – Embracing Transformation: A keynote speaker inspired us to embrace uncertainty and explore strategies to foster growth in the face of change. Practical steps for cultivating a growth mindset, essential for thriving in challenging and evolving environments, were shared.
Joanna.jpeg Sustainability Practices – Responsible Ways of Working:Sustainability is an increasingly important aspect of project management. The summit provided valuable insights on integrating sustainable project management principles into our practices, promoting cultural, social, and environmental responsibility.
Jay.jpeg Immersive Learning Experiences:The exhibit hall was a hub of activity where providers showcased their latest solutions and services. Attendees had the opportunity to network with peers and enjoy short live presentations at the "Future of Work" stage, covering topics ranging from AI and certification to our community.

Social Experimental Zones – Fun and Futuristic:The Exhibit Hall's "Club Cosmos" created a futuristic environment where attendees could enjoy mocktail refreshments mixed by the ever-entertaining “Adam the Robot”. The club offered relaxation and energizing experiences with oxygen scents, and interactive sessions with AI entities added a touch of excitement.


Blog-post-photo-5.jpeg Engagement and Empowerment Zones – Interactive Learning:These zones provided spaces for hands-on experience with AI technologies, enhancing our project management skills. Professional coaches were available to help attendees with their LinkedIn™ profiles, capture stunning headshots, and review their resumes.
backstage.jpeg Backstage Passes – Insights into Event Production: One of the most intriguing experiences was going behind the scenes of the general session stage. We learned how the principles of project management intersect with the production of keynote sessions for large audiences. It was fascinating to see how producers start by understanding stakeholders and session goals and how stage design and technology are managed to ensure engaging sessions for both speakers and the audience

Next 2024 Year: As we left Atlanta, we couldn't help but look forward to the following year's PMI Global Summit. The anticipation is building for PMI Global Summit 2024, which will occur in Los Angeles from September 18-21, 2024. I can't wait to attend and continue learning and growing in the dynamic world of AI project management.

Highlights by: Carin Kaltschmidt, PMP




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