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Summer of Change (and Annual General Meeting in Aug 2021)

On June 15, 2021, Mayor London Breed officially announced the reopening of San Francisco (SF) and the end of nearly all of the City’s coronavirus restrictions in public areas. As the SF bay area and other cities emerge or emerged from quarantine, we know a “return to normalcy” may be a welcome development for some and a point of consternation for others.

We understand that there may be plenty of questions about our own return to normal operations, and the Board is working closely with the CEO, Prahbu Gopalan, to provide policy guidance to the volunteer leaders of the chapter. In turn, Prahbu and the volunteer staff, who have been hard at work with hosting virtual events since the pandemic began, will use the re-opening signal as they develop our chapter’s upcoming events while balancing concerns for the well-being and safety of our stakeholders.

Back to the topic of “return to normalcy”, as project management professionals, we are often tasked to be leaders of change (or changemakers) at our workplace. As our Board President, Stephanie Salazar noted in the May 2021 newsletter (https://pmisfbac.org/blog/springing-forward-with-pmi-sfbac-5950), one of our chapter’s ENDS (or goals) is to help members with “Resilience and Adaptability to Change”. PMI has recently started the “Brightline® Initiative”, which provides resources and training related to organizational transformation. I highly recommend members consider this resource: https://www.brightline.org/about/.

For those who are looking for employment, there’s also PMI’s career central: https://www.pmi.org/learning/careers. Along this line and at the chapter level, we held an online event on June 16, 2021: “Finding Your Dream Job and Live Discussion with Project Management Professionals”. In addition, we continue to provide roundtables and other events to provide virtual networking opportunities for our members: https://pmisfbac.org/events. If you liked these events or have ideas for other ones, please let us know: https://pmisfbac.org/contact.

As mayors and government officials announce reopenings, we all know that these announcements are only part of the process and a signal for the change and transformation we are all experiencing. Now, the real work is up to each of us, as changemakers and project management professionals, to create a plan; or ideally, update and implement an already developed plan. For the PMI SFBAC chapter, our CEO will be refining our plans and upcoming events to maintain our goal of providing value to our members; whether it is to help you with this transition or the next ones.

Last but not least, we will be hosting our Annual General Meeting in August 2021, so please keep an eye out for the upcoming save-a-date. Your attendance and participation at the Annual General Meeting will give us a chance to obtain direct feedback on how we can better serve you in the upcoming years.



Bessie Tam


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