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Volunteer Spotlight - Madison Giddens

Who is Madison at home and/or outside of professional space? What do you do for fun?

Currently I am working as a Program Manager for Meta where I build programs for training and learning & development for our Data Center logistics teams. In my free time, I go on walks with my dog Javier, read a memoir, write in my journal, or watch movies with friends. I also spend a lot of time traveling (or lately just daydreaming about travel) and trying new foods! I recently picked up a love for cooking and baking for my friends. 
When did you start volunteering with the chapter, and most importantly, why did you join PMI-SFBAC?
I started volunteering with PMISFBAC in June 2021 on the Professional Development team. This was such a great experience and very rewarding to host events that helped others thrive in their careers. I switched over to the Marketing team in September 2021 and am looking forward to all of the exciting things happening in 2022!
What were your first impressions of the chapter and its volunteers?
My first impression of the volunteers was shock and awe! To hear that Larry has been volunteering with the chapter for 10 years was pretty amazing! I didn't realize professional organizations like PMI had such dedicated and hardworking volunteers and I'm so glad to be able to work alongside many long-term volunteers in our chapter. 
What is your secret or super Project Management power? Why?
My PM superpower is the ability to throw together business cases, presentations, one-pagers, charters, or basically any documentation in a very short turn-around. I love writing and am always the first to volunteer to "put something together." 
What are your personal or professional goals for 2021/22 and how are you doing right now on those goals?
My goal for 2022 is to get my Six Sigma Green Belt and become more informed on all things process improvement. A personal goal is to run in a 10K and pick up pickleball with the Palo Alto Pickleball League! 


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