Navigating the Agile Waters: A Transformation Guide

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This specialized 4-hour course is designed for someone who aspires to be an Agile lead and champion who are tasked with guiding their teams and organizations through the Agile transformation journey. Focusing on the unique challenges and responsibilities of leadership in Agile environments, this course will provide insights, strategies, and practical tools to help Agile leads navigate the complexities of transformation effectively.


By attending this event, you will gain valuable insights on:

- Understanding Agile Leadership

- Driving Cultural Change

- Agile Coaching and Facilitation

- Aligning Agile with Organizational Goals

- Agile Metrics and Performance Management

- Sustaining Agile Excellence


By the end of this course, Agile leads will have gained valuable insights, tools, and strategies to effectively lead their teams and organizations through Agile transformation. With a deeper understanding of Agile leadership principles, coaching techniques, and strategies for driving cultural change, participants will be better equipped to navigate the Agile waters and drive successful transformation initiatives.


Who should attend:

This course is specifically designed for Agile leads and champions or someone who aspires to be one. It is ideal for:

- Project Managers: Professionals responsible for managing Agile projects, including sprint planning, backlog grooming, and tracking project progress.

- Scrum Masters: Individuals who serve as servant leaders for Scrum teams, facilitating Scrum ceremonies, removing obstacles, and fostering collaboration.

- Agile Team Leads: Individuals who lead Agile teams and are responsible for facilitating Agile ceremonies, coaching team members, and driving continuous improvement.

- Agile Coaches: Professionals who provide guidance, support, and mentorship to Agile teams and help organizations adopt Agile principles and practices.

- Agile Transformation Leaders: Executives, managers, and change agents who are leading or sponsoring Agile transformation initiatives within their organizations.


Anyone interested in advancing their Agile leadership skills and driving successful Agile transformations in their teams or organizations.


This course caters to individuals who play or want to play a leadership role in Agile contexts and are looking to enhance their understanding of Agile leadership principles, coaching techniques, and strategies for driving cultural change and organizational alignment.



July 27th, 2024 (Saturday)


8:00AM - 12:30PM

Virtual Event:

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[deadline: June 27, 2024]

$99 member / $115 non-member

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$115 member / $125 non-member


4.5 (Business Acumen)


About the Speaker




Anup Deshpande


Meet Anup Deshpande shaping the future of software through visionary leadership


With a career spanning over 25 years, Anup Deshpande is a distinguished keynote speaker who has revolutionized program management and business operations in the software industry. Anup's exceptional journey is defined by his unwavering commitment to driving ambitious objectives and fostering transformation.


As a driving force behind Agile Transformation at the enterprise level, Anup has orchestrated paradigm shifts that have redefined industry norms. His innovative approach has elevated organizational efficiency and established him as a pioneer in Agile methodologies.


Anup's leadership prowess extends beyond his professional roles. He has held influential positions at the PMI San Francisco Bay Area and PMI Silicon Valley Chapters, including President and Board Member. He has reshaped project management discourse through these roles and led initiatives that set new benchmarks.


His reputation as a thought leader led him to serve as an Adjunct Faculty member at UC Berkeley Extension, where he imparted his insights to nurture the next generation of minds in the field.


Currently serving as the Director of Program Management for the AI Portfolio at Stryker's Robotics division, Anup remains a trailblazer. His track record of driving cross-organizational goals has left an indelible mark on companies like Yahoo, Visa, and Broadcom, showcasing his ability to steer companies to success.


Anup Deshpande's visionary leadership, deep industry knowledge, and transformative insights make him a sought-after keynote speaker. His impactful journey inspires professionals to challenge conventions, pursue audacious goals, and reshape the software industry's landscape. Join Anup as he takes you on a journey of innovation, empowerment, and unparalleled success.


Connect with him on LinkedIn:


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Register for this event


Type of category: Virtual Course/Training

Type of activity: Power Skills, Ways of Working

Date: July 27th, 2024

Hour: 8:00AM to 12:30PM

Registration close date: July 27th, 2024 at 12:00AM

# of PDUs: 4.5


Members: $115.00

Non members and Guests: $125.00