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Communicating Project Statuses - Effective Communication


Communicating Project Statuses - Effective Communication


With a highly distributed workforce, people intuitively feel the need to overcommunicate the same content through various channels to ensure that the information has propagated through the organization. Unfortunately, this causes the opposite effect as it generates noise within the organization. Critical updates such as project statuses, calls to action, and executive updates may not get the necessary attention, impacting organizations already under considerable stress.

In this session, I share approaches and techniques to improve this signal-to-noise ratio and rethink how we can propagate critical and actionable information to executives, leaders, and teams.



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About the Speaker

Gautham Pallapa

Dr. Gautham Pallapa is an Executive Advisor for VMware. He works with C-Suite and executives at Fortune 1000 enterprise customers in transforming their strategy, processes, technologies, culture, and people to achieve their objectives and business outcomes. His mantra is "Transform with Empathy" and has successfully led several business transformations and cloud modernization efforts in various industry verticals.

Gautham is an agile coach, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, a SAFe Agilist, and an Ambassador for the DevOps Institute. He writes/talks/works on transformation, elevating humans, helping underprivileged people, and giving back to the community. He has an upcoming book called "Leading with Empathy" which explores these topics in detail.


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Type of category: Virtual Course/Training

Type of activity: Leadership, Technical, Strategic Business Management skills

Date: September 29th, 2021

Hour: 6:30PM to 7:30PM

Registration close date: September 29th, 2021

# of PDUs: 8


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