PMI SFBAC Speaker Proposition Invitation

PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (PMI-SFBAC) requests a proposal from a potential speaker, for a 1 to 1.5 hour seminar, so as to ascertain the strength of the quoted topic and the potential of it being a part of a full day or a half-day event. This review would be done by the Event Selection Committee, after receiving a completed proposition form through the speaker. 

Value proposition for Speaker

  • Speaker photo, brief bio and topic details will be added on the event page of the PMI-SFBAC website.
  • At least 3 emails (with speaker photo, brief bio and topic details) will be sent to all the members of the Chapter as part of event registration/promotion (~2500 members times 3 emails).
  • Event will be promoted in Chapter’s social networking sites.
  • Majority of the chapter members are employees of all the major companies in the SF bay area. This gives a great visibility for the speakers in the SF bay area companies.
  • Approximately 40 Senior Project/Program Managers and other Executives from the SFbay area companies are expected to attend seminar event.
  • Speaker gets a complimentary registration for the event.

Terms & Conditions

  • PMI Chapters are non-profit organizations and aim to make these events as break-even. Hence the chapter will not cover any expenses or honorarium for the speakers.
    • The expenses like travel, boarding and speaker seminar fees will not be covered by the Chapter.
    • The PMI-SFBAC does not cover speaker fee for the seminars. However, we do consider profit sharing for workshops.
  • Profit from workshops for 1/2 day or a full day can be shared with the speaker. Details will be provided when the topic is selected by the event committee.
  • Speaker’s information and the presentation details given below will be sent to the event selection committee. The committee will decide the speaker and the topic.
  • The PMI-SFBAC will contact you with a response within 1 month of receiving your proposal.