Mentorship Program

Mentor Introduction

Dear Mentor-To-Be:

Thank you for your interest in mentoring through the PMI-SF Bay Area chapter’s Mentorship Program. Mentoring requires work, commitment, and follow-through on both sides for it to succeed. We're currently seeking more Mentors to join our program. There's been such an overwhelming interest from Mentees, we are having a rolling kick-off date. Applications are being accepted from March 17th to May 16th for Wave 2.

Application Form

Qualities that we’re looking for in a mentor include, but are not limited to:

  • Commitment to the relationship
    • Minimum 1 hour per week meeting with dedicated support for mentee’s success
    • Virtual attendance for the Cohort Kick-Off and in-person Appreciation events (min. 3 hrs / event)
    • Participation in a knowledge sharing session (virtual, min. 30 mins / month)
    • Mentor’s Retrospective - Regular one-on-one pulse check meeting with the core Mentorship team member (virtual, min. 30 mins / month)
  • Approachability, availability, and the ability to listen

    • Establish a set day and time for regular one-hour meetings that respects both your time and your mentee’s time. This will build the trust necessary to allow him or her to reach out for support and keep an open line of communication throughout the process.
  • Preparedness

    • Respect your mentee's time and abilities in the process by preparing for each mentoring session.
    • Ask your mentee what topics or subjects he or she wants to talk about beforehand. Once you know, you should outline the key points you want to focus on ahead of time, and have a plan for discussing strategies against the key points effectively and efficiently.
  • Ability and willingness to communicate what you know
    • Clearly communicate the lessons you’ve learned over your career, guide him or her through strategies you’ve delivered on, and provide intricate details that make sense for your mentee.
  • Honesty with diplomacy

    • Provide your mentee with candid and straightforward feedback, regardless of how easy or difficult the feedback might be.
    • Be willing to debate and discuss in a tactful way.
    • Provide useful, honest guidance while ensuring that your mentee takes control and ownership of the strategies to make his or her own decisions as to next steps or the best course of action.
  • Objectivity and fairness

    • Ensure that there's no hidden agenda or ulterior motives involved in this relationship.
    • You must retain your objectivity and fairness, while not influencing any processes that you may be involved in.
  • Compassion and genuineness

    • You must also be selfless about sharing what you know.
    • Delivering your strategies to the key points originally discussed by modeling positive behavior and offering guidance and advice should be your compass that guides all your actions.
  • Experience

    • Have minimum 10 years of experience in Project/Program Management and/or Leadership.


Thank you,

PMI-SF Bay Area Mentorship Program