Military Outreach


Our Military Outreach Program serves local veterans and active-duty personnel by providing project management resources and professional career guidance. We offer the following services to help you get started on your new career path:

  • Free first year of membership
  • Networking with other military personnel at a free monthly Military Round Table
  • Mentoring through our local chapter
  • Collaboration within a global professional organization
  • Certification application assistance for all PMI certifications
  • Discounts for global events
  • Job Board and other career opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities


Chapter membership offers a community of like-minded professionals that can offer mentorship, help with skills identification and translation, study groups certification preparation, and finding a job. Our goals are as follow:

  • Provide interested military personnel interested in transitioning into Project Management through our free monthly Military Round Table
  • Assist local companies interested in supporting the successful transition of veterans
  • Increase awareness of PMI and PMISFBAC and contribute to community outreach
  • Increase certifications of members, through training, education, and mentorship
  • Increase general membership in our local chapter

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Essential to the success of the Military Outreach program is the volunteer position of Director of Military Outreach, presently filled by Michael Wahlman, who is a retired Navy veteran and a PMP certification holder. Mike is the host of the monthly Military Round Table and he is passionate about helping the veteran community expand their professional network, work toward a PM certification, and find employment.



For further information about our Military Outreach program, please contact Michael Wahlman at

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