About Next Gen Leaders Program (NGL)

  • Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders Today: Join the Next Gen Leaders Program and become part of a vibrant community poised to shape the future. At PMISFBAC, we harness our extensive networks and innovative programs to energize and elevate the next wave of leadership.
  • Digital Innovation and Efficiency: We design and develop cutting-edge digital solutions to enhance the operational efficiency of PMISFBAC Chapter’s business processes.
  • Professional Growth and Networking: Dive into unique and engaging experiences designed to broaden the knowledge, skills, and professional networks of emerging project managers.
  • Innovative Programs and Events: Experience the expansion of PMISFBAC's program portfolio, offering both new and existing members fresh and exciting opportunities.
  • Leadership Through Collaboration: Lead the charge in adopting new collaboration tools and development strategies, setting the standard for future leadership.

Meet the Dream Team

  • Dynamic and Diverse: Our team is a blend of youthful enthusiasm and seasoned expertise, all committed to driving innovation.
  • Self-driven Excellence: We are self-motivated and passionate, consistently delivering innovative solutions.
  • Commitment: Our team stands out for its dedication, proving that commitment to excellence leads to success.
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