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Dear Coach-To-Be,

Thank you for your interest in Coaching through the PMI-SF Bay Area chapter’s Next Generation Leaders Program.

Coaching requires commitment, preparation and follow-through on both sides to achieve success.

We are currently seeking Coaching to lead the teams participating in our Let's Jam! Challenge 2023 edition.

Being a Coach is enriching, fulfilling, exciting and energizing.

The relationships you will build with your teams will be powerful and give you a unique opportunity to support their growth through a career changing experience.


Coaching Guidelines

What are the benefits of being a Coach ? 

  • Making an impact by guiding up to 6 budding professionals honing their skills through the challenge.
  • Advancing your coaching and facilitation skills by encouraging dialogue.
  • Building a network of like-minded professionals.
  • Earning PDUs for your participation.

What qualities are we looking for in a Coach?

  • Commitment to the program
    • Minimum of 3-4 hours per week of meetings / support to your team for their success.
    • Advisory sessions up to 21-24 hours through the duration of the challenge.
    • Attendance for the Let's Jam! Kick-Off and final Pitching Session (approx. 4 hours). 


  • Commitment to the relationship
    • Advising and guiding your team to align their proposals & prototypes with the business requirements.
    • Guiding the team’s objectives, team roles, tasks distribution and solution development.
    • Attending check-in meetings agreed upon by the Team and the Coach.


  • Availability and Pedagogy
    • Establishing a set day and time for regular check-ins that respect both your time and your team’s.
    • Building the trust necessary for your team to reach out for support.
    • Keeping an open line of communication.
    • Guiding your team through best practices to deliver quality results.
    • Being generous in sharing your knowledge.


  • Preparedness
    • Respecting your team's time and abilities, by preparing for each session.
    • Have a plan for discussing the team's key questions effectively and efficiently.


  • Honesty & Diplomacy
    • Offering your teams open and honest feedback, regardless of the feedback's level of difficulty.
    • Being ready to engage in polite discussions and debates.
    • Giving valuable and truthful guidance while empowering your teams to take charge of the project and make independent decisions about the next steps or the most suitable course of action.


  • Objectivity, Fairness & Compassion
    • Maintaining no concealed motives or hidden agendas in the relationship.
    • Preserving your impartiality and fairness, without interfering with any processes you are part of.
    • Setting an example of positive behavior and providing guidance and advice as a reference to guide all your actions.


  • Experience
    • Have relevant and demonstrable experience in Project/Program Management and/or Leadership.

What’s next?

  • If you are selected to coach a team, you will participate in a coach orientation session with an experienced coach. 
  • You will be advised on resources for you to work with during the challenge to ensure optimum outcomes.



  • We will do our best to match Coaches to teams based on the indicated preference.
  • Matches are subject to change.

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