Back To Basics - Episode#3: Apr, 2020 - Time to get PMP Certified

The world is changing fast! Under the dark clouds of global lock-down, there is a silver lining. Make the most of the available time and prepare for PMP Certification as a lot has changed, and a lot more is yet to come... Director of Certifications from PMISF Bay Area Chapter, Sandy Mitchell, and Nathan Mellin, Sponsorship Director at PMISF BAC will tell you why this is the right time to get Certified. Stay tuned!

Back To Basics - Episode#2: Mar, 2020 - A Conversation w/ President, Anup Deshpande

Dive into the candid conversation with PMI-SFBAC's President, Anup Deshpande and learn about developing professional skills in the PM world

Back To Basics - Episode#1: Feb, 2020 - A Conversation w/ CEO, Vijay Ratthinam

Tune in for useful insight on PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Member Benefits and Volunteer Opportunities.