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Back To Basics - Episode#11: Jan, 2021 - The best virtual Interviewing practices to land a job

“It always seems impossible until it's done.” ― Nelson Mandela

Let’s make the impossible possible by understanding how to best use virtual interviewing practices to land your dream job… Enlighten yourself with these worth utilizing practices shared by Christina Sahagun and Jennifer Koppatz ….

 Back To Basics - Episode#10: Dec, 2020 - Steering your career ahead with the Job Hackers

If you aim for it, go for it! Join the force with Larry Apke, the founder and the Chief Agile Officer at ‘The Job Hackers’, and get yourself enrolled for a free Agile and Scrum training to up-scale your knowledge and skill and rise up the ladder. To register for the upcoming session, log on to www.thejobhackers.org

Back To Basics - Episode#9: November, 2020 -  Celebrating 2 years of the chapter's CEO & his learnings

As they say, it’s only a matter of the first step to start with any journey, one must at least try. Congratulating Vijay Rathhinam on completing 2 years as the CEO of PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter… PMI is not just a name, but a mission to uplift one-another in the professional world of Project Management, so let’s take this opportunity to flashback to the past 2 years of learning, evolving, discovering, and trailblazing successes of the chapter with Vijay through his first-hand experiences with the chapter.


Back To Basics - Episode#8: October, 2020 -  Significance of a professionally-written resume

Resume should be substantial enough to hold itself as respectful… Gone are the times when traditional resumes used to work their magic, and flash-forwarding to the current phase when organizations are employing not just people but software like ‘Applicant Tracking System’ to screen resumes and shortlist best-fit candidates for the open positions. That’s why it is imperative to not undermine the value of a professionally written resume to draw the attention of not just the hiring managers but also getting through the software screening process. To enlighten us more on this, we have our guest Joyce Guan West, Career Coach, Interview Coach, Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writer, and Business Coach… Stay tuned!

Back To Basics - Episode#7: September, 2020 -  What the Hiring Managers Are Looking for in the Candidates

To arrive at the desired destination, it is crucial to start in the right direction. If you’re in the phase of actively hunting for suitable roles in the market, this episode is just for you. It is loaded with the nuggets of astute information & the perspective of the hiring managers in the current job market. Do you have the right skills that the current job market demands? Are you even aware of the roles that are constantly open to hiring? Have you given a thought to the companies that are actively looking for their next talent like you and are fast filling positions? And lastly, what the hiring managers are looking for in their candidates? You will get the answers to these and a lot more in this special episode with Theresa Walsh, Client Service Director, CPA at Robert Half Management Resources. Stay Tuned!

Back To Basics - Episode#6: August, 2020 - The Art of Communication and Resilience

Communication bridges the gap between confusion and clarity… Thus, the importance of effective communication can never be understated… Since the time is ever-evolving, let’s polish our understanding of the ‘Art of Communication and resilience’ with Vegas Ho - an up and coming talent consultant who coaches leaders and teams to become better communicators, and learn some tips and tricks to stay resilient in the digital age.

Back To Basics - Episode#5: July, 2020 - Get Your Foot Into the Door of Project Management World

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”…. If you’re struggling to make your first move towards your dream job, or are unsure how to even get your foot into the door of the competitive professional world then welcome to this episode that has a plethora of guiding tips and tricks to get you started with Chris Woodside, a Project Manager for over 10 years and an exceptional mentor of PMI’s Mentorship Circle.


Back To Basics - Episode#4: May, 2020 - Get Ready to form the lasting Mentor-Mentee Bond

If the mentor is the needle then surely the mentee is its thread… Find your path to success, and make the most of this mentor-mentee relationship - a bond that helps you pave the right career path and make informed choices… Tune in to the episode with me & the COO of PMI SF-BAC Prabhu Gopalan, and be guided to join the Mentorship Program to reap some great benefits.


Back To Basics - Episode#3: Apr, 2020 - Time to get PMP Certified

The world is changing fast! Under the dark clouds of global lock-down, there is a silver lining. Make the most of the available time and prepare for PMP Certification as a lot has changed, and a lot more is yet to come... Director of Certifications from PMISF Bay Area Chapter, Sandy Mitchell, and Nathan Mellin, Sponsorship Director at PMISF BAC will tell you why this is the right time to get Certified. Stay tuned!

Back To Basics - Episode#2: Mar, 2020 - A Conversation w/ President, Anup Deshpande

Dive into the candid conversation with PMI-SFBAC's President, Anup Deshpande and learn about developing professional skills in the PM world

Back To Basics - Episode#1: Feb, 2020 - A Conversation w/ CEO, Vijay Ratthinam

Tune in for useful insight on PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Member Benefits and Volunteer Opportunities.