Stephanie Salazar


Raymond Chang


Lorena De Benedittis

Board Secretary

Timothy Kevin Bombosch


Bessie Tam

Director at Large

Zenaida Alejandrino

Director at Large

Roxanne Arriaza

Director at Large

Konstantina Tasiou

Director at Large

Annette Thomas

Next Generation Leader Director at Large

2022 Board Elections - Call for Candidates

Now is the time to showcase your seasoned leadership skills, help drive the strategy of PMI-San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (PMI-SFBAC), and to realize the future of Management. We invite you to stand as a candidate to lead the foremost resource of Project Management in the SF Bay Area.

PMI-SFBAC is holding elections for the following positions on the Board:

  • Director at Large (3-year term): A Director-at-Large, like any other board member, has the responsibility to act in accordance with the Chapter bylaws and the governing policies of the board. The Director-at-Large has the full voting rights as all other directors but without the additional duties and responsibilities associated with being a Board Officer.
  • President (1-year term)*: The Board President serves as the Board ambassador and acts as a spokesperson to the larger community on all communications except Board delegation.
  • Secretary (1-year term)*: The Board Secretary is responsible for assuring the integrity of Board documents so that there is a complete, accurate, current, and accessible record of all board activity.
  • Treasurer (1-year term)*: The Board Treasurer is responsible for assuring that the Board achieves its fiduciary obligation to the chapter. Because of the legal ramifications, the Treasurer manages financial planning and management activities not delegated to the CEO.

*Must be an existing Board Member to apply.

The roles and responsibilities for the Board of Directors can be found in the links above.

Click here to access the online Nomination Form. If you wish to be considered for more than one role, please fill out a form for each.

Nominations are open now through December 3rd, 2021

Key dates

  • Applications due: November 19th, 2021 December 3rd, 2021
  • Voting: February 2022
  • Election Results: March 2022
  • Onboarding (transition period with outgoing Board members): Spring 2022

Eligible Candidate

Persons who are a member of the PMI-SFBAC since at least April 1, 2021 and in good standing are eligible to stand as candidates.

A PMI SFBAC Chapter member in good standing:

  • Is a member of PMI
  • Is a member of PMI-SFBAC
  • Agrees to the PMI code of ethics and professional conduct

PMI-SFBAC Chapter members will be eligible to vote in this election. That is, if you receive an election ballot, then you are eligible to vote. Elections are conducted electronically. 

Candidate Application

The date and time of the email will be used to determine whether the candidate was submitted by the deadline as given in the schedule.

The candidate application must include their filled nomination form and the following completed, signed, and scanned forms:

Failure to complete and sign the above forms will result in the candidate being treated as ineligible.

After the eligibility of the candidates is assessed and confirmed by the Nominating Committee, the application will be provided to all Eligible Voters on the election ballot.

Each nomination will be evaluated holistically with consideration of the criteria listed below. The results of the nomination process are final.

  • Chapter member in good standing
  • Residency within the geographic boundaries of the chapter or demonstrated previous commitment to chapter while based at current address
  • Previous officer or board member of a volunteer organization
  • Previous volunteer or leadership experience in PMI-SFBAC or other PMI chapters
  • Responses to application questions, especially regarding leadership philosophy, understanding of policy governance, and vision for the chapter
  • Interview participation
  • Willingness to complete a background check as a last step of the nomination process, before being placed on the ballot.
Framework in which the PMI-SFBAC operates

The following documents provide the framework within which the Board operates the Chapter:

If you have any questions, please contact the Nomination Committee at: