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Sustainability Program



Our Sustainability Program offers opportunities to learn sustainable practices via environmental stewardship and topic discussions featuring sustainability experts. By enhancing PMP connection to the Earth, we will open our minds to the possibilities we can bring to our operational practices to limit negative consequences on the planet.

This program began as the Green Project Management Seminar Series in 2011 and was re-booted as the Sustainability Program in 2019. It is sponsored and chartered by the Project Management Institute San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (PMI-SFBAC). Our goals are as follows:

  • Furthering the science and art of project management by identifying, studying, and learning from projects that have any combination of (a) a sustainable goal as their primary deliverable; (b) incorporating sustainable practices into many or all aspects of project management.
  • Furthering public awareness of the multiple facets of sustainability, including but not limited to energy use, carbon, and other greenhouse gas footprint; waste stream; water; and environmental quality including indoors.
  • Increasing reputation and membership of Project Management Institute.

Sustainability Program Funding 

All event registration fees raised by the Sustainability Program are used towards sustainability initiatives or community service projects.

Green Team

  • Ina Acuña POC, PMI-SFBAC VP of Sustainability
  • Kim Stepney, Sustainability Manager
  • Seyi Oshinowo, Sustainability Manager
  • Margaret Au, Sustainability Operations Manager
  • Monica Bible, Sustainability Program Manager
  • Samantha Moy, Stewardship Manager
  • Jenice Wilson, Sustainability Manager
  • Doug Hahn, Sustainability Manager

Is there someone in your organization already working on sustainability initiatives? Please let us know at: sustainability@pmisfbac.org. We'd love to invite them to share their knowledge with us.

Let's connect our work to our world. We look forward to meeting you at the next event!