At the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Project Management Institute, our primary goal is to advance the practice, science, and profession of project management throughout the region in a conscientious and proactive manner so that organizations everywhere will embrace, value, and utilize project management and then attribute their successes to it. The Chapter provides a wide range of educational, professional development, networking, and career support offerings to its members and organizational support to corporations, educational institutions, and other professional services organizations throughout the Bay Area. One of them is the Sister Chapter Program, where the PMI-SFBAC develops and maintains warm relationships with other PMI-Chapters around the world.


Under the Sister Chapter Program host and guest chapters will be able to participate in various project management activities. This will be done by sharing brilliant ideas, best practices and lessons learned; moreover this mutual relationship will also enhance the project management professional developments of both chapters by collaborating in joint activities. It will also be of benefit to both chapters by sharing project information between different cultural environments. As well as bringing together chapter members who have strong common interests in specific project management professions.Sister Chapter Program connects the local project management community with the global project management community. It brings the best of the project management around the globe to SFBAC’s members’ doorsteps. Members can expect to learn from the best around the globe through our webinar, speaker exchange series etc. Program provides multiple opportunities to collaborate and prepare our members to take the global opportunities and challenges. Chapter proudly presents this program among several other benefits at no additional costs to the members. Besides the learning, members can simply expect to earn several PDUs for FREE.

Career Quest

Your partner in achieving your dream job in Project Management

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Mentorship Program

Our Coaching Circle Program is a structured, 10-week topic-based focus group of up to 4 mentees with similar interests who are mentored by a senior Mentor.

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Next Generation Leaders Program

We provide professionals and students unique experiences to expand their knowledge, capabilities and professional network in a fun, collaborative and community environment.

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Partnership Program

Our goal is to enrich the experience of our members by creating meaningful partnerships with companies, academic institutions and small businesses who want to make a difference in the project management community.

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Sustainability Program

Our Sustainability Program offers opportunities to learn sustainable practices via environmental stewardship and topic discussions featuring sustainability experts.

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