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PMI offers project management certifications to help you advance through every stage of your career. Our certifications empower you to work in any industry across the globe and with any project management methodology.

They’re based on rigorous standards and ongoing research to meet the demands of real-world projects and organizations. No matter what your professional goals are, we have a certification to help you reach them.

Explore different certifications and discover how they can enhance your career.

  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • Program Management Professional (PgMP)®
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®
  • PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)®
  • Agile Certifications






Demonstrate Your Agile Team Experience Runs Deep

If you’re experienced using agile approaches, have good collaboration skills, eagerly embrace complexity and thrive on rapid response times, then your talents are in demand. PMI-ACP certification was created by agilists for agilists. Organizations that are highly agile and responsive to market dynamics complete more of their projects successfully than their slower-moving counterparts—75% VS 56% — as shown in our 2015 Pulse of the Profession® report. The PMI-ACP spans many approaches to agile such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming (XP) and test-driven development (TDD.) So it will increase your versatility, wherever your projects may take you.
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Demonstrate your ability to lead projects in any industry with this globally recognized certification.

The PMP acknowledges candidates skilled at managing the people, processes, and business priorities of professional projects. PMI, the world’s leading authority on project management, created the PMP to recognize project managers who have proven they have project leadership experience and expertise in any way of working.
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Advance Your Organization’s Strategic Goals

As a program manager, you demonstrate leadership through managing multiple, related projects in a coordinated way—achieving benefits that could not occur if the projects were handled separately. PgMP® certification verifies this advanced level of expertise and shows that you have the real-world experience to navigate complexity and align to strategic objectives. In fact, the 2022 PMI Pulse of the Profession® report shows that with program management, 71% of an organization’s projects overall successfully meet business goals. Demonstrate that you are ready to lead your organization to success with PgMP certification.
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Agile is quickly becoming the go-to approach.

Earn the Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) to understand the benefits of agile and implement it in a way that works for your organization. Earning your DASM certification empowers you to create an optimal approach—one that works for your unique organization or industry.
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Lead your team to excellence with Disciplined Agile®.

Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) teaches experienced agile practitioners how to use the Disciplined Agile (DA™) tool kit to optimize how teams work, work with allies within their organization, and solve a variety of advanced problems. This 14 PDU course will prepare you to take the DASSM exam and start using Disciplined Agile immediately within your leadership role.
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Benefits of PMI-ACP Bootcamp

Competitive Advantage in the Job Market

The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification provides project managers a significant edge in the job market, especially as Agile methodologies gain traction across various industries. 


Higher Salary Potential

The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification elevates a professional’s expertise in Agile methodologies and translates into significant financial benefits globally.


What you will get from the PMI-ACP Bootcamp

  • 1-year unlimited access to Trackegy Support until you get certified
  • Complete 21 hours in 3 days
  • Live coach & engaging conversations
  • Increase your professional versatility in project management tools and techniques
  • Demonstrate to employers their professionalism in project management principles and practices
  • Give you enough questions on each section to review your knowledge and prepare for the certification exams


Anup Deshpande

PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) Prep Bootcamp

About Anup Deshpande

With a career spanning over 25 years, Anup Deshpande is a distinguished keynote speaker who has revolutionized program management, business operations, and security in the software industry. Anup's exceptional journey is defined by his resolute commitment to driving ambitious objectives and fostering transformation.


As a driving force behind Agile Transformation at the enterprise level, Anup has orchestrated paradigm shifts that have redefined industry norms. His innovative approach has elevated organizational efficiency and established him as a pioneer in Agile methodologies.


Anup's leadership prowess extends beyond his professional roles. He has held influential positions at the PMI San Francisco Bay Area and PMI Silicon Valley Chapters, including President and Board Member. He has reshaped project management discourse through these roles and led initiatives that set new benchmarks.


His reputation as a thought leader led him to serve as an Adjunct Faculty member at UC Berkeley Extension, where he imparted his insights to nurture the next generation of minds in the field.


Currently serving as the Director of Program Management for the AI Portfolio at Stryker's Robotics division, Anup continues to be a trailblazer. His track record of driving cross-organizational goals has left an indelible mark on companies like Yahoo, Visa, and Broadcom, showcasing his ability to steer companies to success.


Anup's entrepreneurial spirit is evident through his success in bootstrapping two software product startups. His latest endeavor, Trackegy, stands as a testament to his dedication. Designed to empower students for exam excellence while offering lead generation and evaluation services to businesses, Trackegy embodies Anup's innovative mindset.


Anup Deshpande's visionary leadership, deep industry knowledge, and transformative insights make him a sought-after keynote speaker. His impactful journey inspires professionals to challenge conventions, pursue audacious goals, and reshape the software industry's landscape. Join Anup as he takes you on a journey of innovation, empowerment, and unparalleled success.

Connect with Anup

What Our Students Say

Anup is very knowledgeable. He takes time to answer and encourages students to asl questions to increase their understanding. Arup also made this class and material enjoyable and worth your while. Great investment.

Patricia Holmes

Program Manager at PG&E

Excellent speaker, a very essential course for ACP exam and Agile content information.

Frances Bellows

PMP, CSM, Adjunct Professor, Keller Graduate School of Management

Anup is very knowledgeable in Agile. His background in the waterfall and Agile PM makes him understand from his own experience the challenges and how to overcome those challenges when the waterfall PM transformed to Agile PM, and he was able to convey that in his class. It’s a very informative course.

Carolina Sugiharto

PMP, IT Project Manager - R&D, Onyx Pharmaceuticals

Anup provides content beyond what’s required for the PMI-ACP exam. He uses real-world experience to show how the various Agile methodologies can be combined to achieve maximum value and efficiency. This course also provides guidance on which project can most benefit from Agile techniques. You can immediately apply the knowledge gained in it.

Steven Enabnit

Program Manager at Siemens Healthcare

Do I have to be a CAPM, PMP, or a PMI member to apply for other PMI certifications?

No! No one certification serves as a prerequisite for another. You also do not have to be a PMI member to apply to become a certification holder.

How do I earn a PMI certification?

To obtain a PMI certification, you must first meet the eligibility requirements outlined on these web pages and detailed in the certification handbooks. Then, you must pass an exam.

What are the eligibility requirements?

The eligibility requirements for each certification are mentioned in each respective certification handbook. Please link to the appropriate certification handbook for complete guidelines or visit for more details.

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What are PDUs?

PDUs stand for Professional Development Units. PDUs are the measuring unit used to quantify your professional development as part of the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. 1 PDU = 1 hour of learning/activity.

PMI-SFBAC offers lots of opportunities for you to earn your PDUs by attending online or in-person events & programs. Connect with our community and get your PDUs!

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When is the earliest I can start earning PDUs after I earn a certification?

You can start earning and reporting PDU activities as soon as you earn a PMI certification. Activities you completed prior to earning your certification will not count as PDUs towards your newly acquired certification.

Visit our event calendar and start joining our events & courses to gain PDUs!

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How do I schedule a certification exam appointment?

Once you are eligible, PMI will e-mail you examination scheduling instructions with your eligibility code, which you will need when scheduling your exam appointment at a testing center (recommended) or online. 

If I fail the exam, can I take it again?

If you fail the exam on your first attempt, you can re-take it two more times within your one-year eligibility period. Fees are associated with re-examination. Details for re-examination can be found in the certification handbook. Some restrictions may apply. 

To avoid failing your exam, join one of our Exam Prep course and gain the PDUs at the same time!

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