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The PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Mentorship Program fosters a community of project management professionals from all industries and experience levels. We support fellow professionals who are either transitioning into a Project/Program Management career or are seasoned professionals who seek to grow into senior leadership roles.

Coaching Circles 2023

Our Coaching Circle Program is a  structured, 10-week topic-based focus group of up to 4 mentees with similar interests who are mentored by a senior Mentor. Coaching circles include real-world experiential learning with an opportunity for Mentees to showcase their new skills. You’ll gain confidence and valuable skills as you participate in a Mentor-led experiential learning group.

Mentees in coaching circles have the opportunity to join a circle focused on the below topics. They will either participate in live practice interviews or present to esteemed business leaders and guest panelists based on the topics of their assigned circle.

  • Two experiential tracks:
    • Leadership Development 
    • Career Building / Career Transitioning
  • Industry specific Circles (optional):
    • Bio Science
    • Construction 
    • Financial Services (FinTech) 
    • Retail 
    • Technology 

One-on-One Mentoring: Mentees who have specific objectives or growth ideas will be enabled to strategize and achieve focused goals in a time-boxed framework

Interested in being a mentor or mentee?  Applications for Cohort 1 open on January 8th.

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If you are a professional who seeks growth in your career, you have come to the right place. We can’t wait to onboard you into the Mentorship Program!

Key Dates for Mentorship Program 2023:

Cohort 1

  • Applications Open Enrollment - 1/8/23
  • Applications Due - 1/29/23
  • Cohort Dates: 2/12/23 - 4/29/23
  • Interested participants, please register to be the first to know when applications open here -
  • Registration Link! 

Cohort 2

  • Applications Open Enrollment -  4/30/23
  • Applications Due - 5/21/23
  • Cohort Dates: 6/4/23 - 8/19/23
  • Interested participants, please register to be the first to know when applications open here -
  • Resigtration Link  

Cohort 3 

  • Applications Open Enrollment - 8/20/23
  • Applications Due - 9/10/23
  • Cohort Dates: 9/24/23 - 12/8/23
  • Interested participants, please register to be the first to know when applications open here -
  • Registration Link 

EOY Celebration - 12/09/23


Past Programs

The Mentorship Program introduced case study presentations, resume reviews and mock interviews in 2021. Having supported 210 participants in three Coaching Cohorts, the program is excited to continue its evolution which now includes participation of the greater community by-way of resume reviewers, interviewers and case study panelists.  The team is grateful for the continued support of our Mentors. We were excited to present Mentorship Champion awards to Martin Okumu, Sudhakar Hebbar, and Misha Rubesch for mentoring in all three 2021 cohorts, and Outstanding Mentor awards to Gautham Pallapa, Shane Hare, and Gwyneth Williams who were nominated by their Mentees.

In 2020, the Mentorship Program successfully supported 146 mentors and mentees in 1:1 pairings over the course of 6-months. While being proud of all the incredible partnerships formed, the Program’s special recognition goes to the three Star Mentor awardees, Jeff Cadieux, Mary Ann Michaels, and Janet Tsai, for their exceptional commitment and impact to the mentee by sharing intellectual wisdom and providing moral support. Our cordial gratitude also goes to the three exceptional mentors Troy Edelen, Gautham Pallapa and Nancy Watanabe, and high-performing mentees Jovita Yip and Erika Luger

"Mentee moved from being a Senior Manager at an SMB to a Director at a large high tech company during the course of this mentorship program.”

"This program is fantastic! I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to participate and appreciate every minute I get to spend meeting with my mentor. Thank you, everyone!"

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