The PMI SFBAC Mentorship Program provides a platform for project professional seeking mentorship in project management leadership. Over 200 participants join the Mentorship Program every year to seek mentorship benefits.
If you are a professional looking to pivot your career into project management, or a project professional seeking to move up into senior leadership role, the Mentorship Program can help you move closer towards making your dreams a reality.  We can’t wait to onboard you into the Mentorship Program!

Mentorship Program Structure


Our Mentorship Program is structured in a 10-week cohort format where Mentees are mentored by a senior experienced Mentor.
The mentees can either be part of 1:1 Mentorship (Mentor: Mentee) or Mentorship Circles (1:N with N = 2 to 4).
Mentees can choose from one of the three offerings being provided under Mentorship Circles for the 10 weeks engagement.

Mentorship Program Offerings:

Career Building/ Transitioning

Focused on those who are new to PM and aspire to acquire Project Management skills ex. Engineers, Comms Specialists, Business Analysts etc.

Leadership Skills Development

Focussed on those who are already Project Managers, Scrum Leads, Engineering Managers, People Managers who aspire to move into Leadership Roles

Technical Program Mgmt.

Focussed on those who are in the Tech industry as IT PMs, Scrum Leads, Engineering Managers and aspire to move into Tech Leadership Roles

  Key Dates for Mentorship Program 2024:


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Interested in Being a Mentor or Mentee?

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Mentorship Program Impact - 2023 Stats!

Total # of Participants


# of Hours Volunteered by Mentors


Impact of Mentorship Program in meeting mentees career growth

4.7 / 5

Mentee Testimonials

I went into this experience, not knowing exactly what to expect but was blown away by how impactful my mentor was. My mentor was thoughtful, engaged, inspirational and challenging in ways I never imagined. It was a wonderful experience and one where I was able to be myself, grow and explore in the most meaningful ways. i am so grateful for this experience and would highly recommend it to everyone looking to advance their skillset.

I did the mentorship group about a year ago and decided this year to do the 1:1. I can't describe how valuable this has been for me. All of the learnings and advice will continue to be value to me much further than the 10 weeks.

My Mentor brought incredible insights into our sessions, and I felt so seen and heard in a way that I had never experienced before and it was truly transformative!

This program was excellent. We worked together to tailor the sessions and held each other mutually accountable throughout. The outputs of our mentorship included improved job search tactics, interview skills, honest assessment, and approaches that will take our careers to the next level. Thank you to my mentor and co-mentee!

While I cannot speak for other experiences, I am grateful to be so lucky being paired with such a caring and helpful mentor and I would highly recommend any PMI member to take the plunge and seek a mentor or mentee!

I would highly recommend signing up to be a PMI Mentor. It is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with someone who is looking to learn and grow as a project manager. Not only are you helping someone, but it is a rewarding experience. I am glad that I signed up to participate as a mentor

My mentor helped me take personal responsibility and realize that I am in the driver's seat of my career. I have a better sense on how to execute. I hope to take my action further and land a new position soon based on the knowledge I received from this program.

Our Mentor Community


The Mentorship Program's success is a testament to the unwavering spirit of our mentors. Our mentors bring expertise, commitment, and resilience to guide and empower mentees. From industry leaders to startup founders, from executive coaches to everyday heroes, our mentors bridge diverse backgrounds with a singular passion: igniting mentee potential.
Our annual Champion Awards recognize the extraordinary impact our mentors have. Discover their stories and become part of this dynamic community where careers flourish.


Become part of this dynamic movement!
Join our vibrant community of passionate mentors and share your knowledge, experience, and support the next generation of leaders. You can make a difference by helping someone reach their full potential.





Experiential Learning Opportunities

- RESUME REVIEW CLINICS (Career Building, Leadership, TPM) - MOCK INTERVIEW CLINICS (Career Building, Leadership, TPM) - LINKEDIN PROFILE EVALUATIONS (Career Building, Leadership, TPM) - CASE STUDY ANALYSIS & PRESENTATION (Leadership & TPM only)

The Career Building EL opportunities are led by our Career Coach Partner

Cynthia Maria Estalilla

Mentorship Program - Career Coach Partner

LinkedIn Profile

Mentorship Think Tank

Mahesh Deshpande

Mahesh Deshpande

VP Mentorship Strategy

Mahesh Deshpande

VP Mentorship Strategy

Mahesh Deshpande is a data-driven business transformation leader with over 15 years of consulting experience in leading cross-functional digital transformation initiatives across geographies to drive innovation and change. He specializes in Data & Analytics Product Program Management and is known for his passion for data storytelling and design thinking.

Mahesh volunteers with the Project Management Institute (PMI) San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, where he leads a mentorship program for project management leaders. Under his leadership the program has grown to support 200 participants annually and developed a strong mentor community. Mahesh is also the host of Mentorship Masterminds podcast, where he interviews industry leaders on topics related to leadership, innovation, and professional development.

Mahesh is awarded the Visionary Leader award in 2023 and the Outstanding Leader award in 2021 from PMI.

Jen Louie-Abernathy

Jen Louie-Abernathy

Director of Mentorship Communications

Jen Louie-Abernathy

Director of Mentorship Communications

Jen has over 20 years of experience working in Financial Services where she applies her Business Analysis and Data Analysis skills in designing applications and processes, implementing sound technical solutions, and writing documentation. In her work, she has planned, coordinated, and led technology deliveries working closely with business, development, and analytics teams. Jen's expertise is in Enterprise Client Data and Householding, and has experience in Core Banking Platform migrations and data migrations.

Jen volunteers with the PMI SFBAC where she drives the operations execution of the Mentorship Program. Jen is responsible for pairing the mentors and mentees based on their skills and aspirations, providing communications, and supporting the engagement of 200 participants in the program. Jen has received Outstanding Volunteer Award for 2023.

Shrijan Sewpersadh PMP

Shrijan Sewpersadh PMP

Mentorship Community Outreach Manager

Shrijan Sewpersadh PMP

Mentorship Community Outreach Manager

Shrijan is a Construction Project Manager at TUSK CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT SERVICES.

At the PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Shrijan is the Community Outreach Manager, responsible for driving the outreach initiatives for the Mentorship Program. He is the mastermind behind all the in-person events hosted by the Mentorship Program.

Riddhi Nathvani

Riddhi Nathvani

Mentorship Marketing Manager

Dhruti Joshi

Dhruti Joshi

Chief Program Officer

Dhruti Joshi

Chief Program Officer

Dhruti is a Senior Program Manager and an executive level leader, who think sstrategically with a focus on optimal client experiences and data-driven decision. Dhruti thrives in challenging situations and tight deadlines and is passionate about delivering strategic initiatives to feature-to-market. She is recognized for her work in technology program management specifically known for in agile coaching, planning, risk & budget management, communications and process engineering. Dhruti is a self-starter who is passionate about delivering qualitative value to the end-users by empowering teams and timely execution.

At PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Dhruti is the Chief Program Officer (CPO), who leads all the programs offered by the chapter. She was the Mentorship Program Lead until 2021, when she passed on the responsibility to Mahesh Deshpande. Today, as the CPO, Dhruti acts as the mentor to the Mentorship Program team.