How can we become partners?

There are several ways we can support each other and create mutually beneficial relationships.

We identified Five Pillars of Partnership:

  • Financial - Provide financial contribution
  • Technology - Provide a platform, applications, or software
  • Business - Market your service or product through our platforms and network
  • People - Volunteering or i.e. inviting professors or consultants to our events
  • Physical Assets - Share assets (i.e.- venue for events)

Each partnership is different, and that is why we define specific agreements with our partners based on their needs and availability.

How much does it cost?

Some partnerships are completely free, others involve a cost on both sides. It depends on the type of partnership and level of involvement. When finalizing the partnership agreements, the costs will be clearly stated in our contract. Every package can be customized based on your specific needs. 

Contact us 

If you want to become a partner or need more information about our programs or packages, please contact us at


Thank you! We value your partnership!