How can we become partners?

There are several ways we can support each other and create mutually beneficial relationships.

We identified Five Pillars of Partnership:

  • Financial - Provide financial contribution
  • Technology - Provide a platform, applications, or software
  • Business - Market your service or product through our platforms and network
  • People - Volunteering or i.e. inviting professors or consultants to our events
  • Physical Assets - Share assets (i.e.- venue for events)


Each partnership is different, and that is why we define specific agreements with our partners based on their needs and availability.


Sponsorship Tiers

We offer a range of sponsorship tiers to suit your budget and goals, including Platinum, Gold, Silver & Premium. Each tier provides distinct benefits to ensure a tailored experience for your brand.



Contact us 

If you want to become a partner or need more information about our programs or packages, please contact us at


Thank you! We value your partnership!