Governance Documents

The public portions of the Board of Directors Meetings are generally held the third Saturday of each month from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at various locations around the Bay Area. All Chapter members are welcome to participate in the proceedings in person, according to the Board’s Meeting Observation Protocols. For information about the next Board of Directors meeting, consult the chapter event calendar.


Minutes from the previous meetings of the Chapter Board of Directors in pdf format can be referenced from the list below.

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9/2019 5/2019 1/2019

Board Meeting Protocols

Beginning in September 2013, the PMI-SFBAC Board of Directors welcomes the public to attend in-person and participate in the Chapter’s Regular Board Meeting proceedings. This opportunity presents an additional mean of keeping the dialogue open between the Board and the Chapter’s Member-Owners (membership and other stakeholders) known as Ownership-Linkage under the Policy Governance® Model. We want to hear your valuable input and feedback, so join us at an upcoming Regular Board Meeting! Please refer to the Board’s Meeting Observation Protocols document below for guidance on what our non-Board attendees may expect for participation in this unique opportunity.

Policy Governance®

The Board of Directors has adopted Policy Governance® beginning on December 19th, 2011. Policy Governance® is a knowledge based approach to organizational leadership (in much the same way that the PMBOK is for project management).

Our current chapter policies (last updated February 14, 2015)

Chapter Bylaws

The Chapter operates in accordance with the Charter from PMI International and with a set of Chapter Bylaws which are updated with input from the board and approved and ratified by the Chapter Membership.

2018 Bylaws in PDF format.

Charter Agreement

The current chapter charter agreement with PMI International last update March 2015: PMI-SFBAC Charter Agreement in PDF format

Chapter Annual Membership Reports

l listed below Chapter Annual Reports are in the PDF format.

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