Presentation/Pitch Structure

Given the amount of information you need to cover in a pitch, creating the outline for your presentation can be overwhelming. The resources below explain the key components of a pitch deck and how to keep your presentation informative and engaging through the use of data-driven storytelling.

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Identifying Stakeholders/Stakeholder Needs

The term “stakeholders” often applies to a wide range of individuals, groups, and entities. While it is important to consider all stakeholders in a project, it can be difficult to identify key stakeholders and prioritize their needs. These resources provide information on different types of stakeholders, how to determine their needs, and how to ensure your project is aligned with your key stakeholders’ expectations.

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Slide Decks: Best Practices

Your slide deck is a key component of your presentation. If your slides are too busy, your audience will be distracted and confused. Too sparse, and your audience will become bored and disengaged. These resources cover key components of slide design, helping you create a slide deck that is clear and engaging.

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Introduction to Agile

The Agile Manifesto revolutionized how teams approach the development process. The resources below discuss various aspects of Agile Methodology, ranging from foundational tenets to key actions.

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Designing/Prototyping Solutions

How do you take a solution from an idea to a tangible entity ready for presentation? These resources cover the importance of prototyping, steps to take throughout the prototyping phase of design, and how to execute A/B testing.

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